Q: Where can I contact you guys?


A: You can contact us at "order.esparzarentals@gmail.com" or at (951)-977-9159. You're free to call or text us, we have a live person on standby during business hours; if you catch us outside of business hours, email us or send us a messsage and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!



Q: How do I know which canopy would fit?


A: We highly recommend you measure the space for your order to ensure that there is enough space to work with. If you are uncertain, feel free to call us for assitance to make an estimate.



Q: Do you deliver/service outside cities?


A: Yes, Esparza Rentals services many areas in the Inland Empire. Although, do know that depending on your distance, a minimum equipment rental is REQUIRED. Here are a few zip codes and their minimum:





92505 $50 + Delivery fee

92503  $50 - $75 + Delivery fee

92504  $70 - $200 + Delivery fee

92509  $70 - $150 + Delivery fee

92507 $100 - $200 + Delivery fee

92501  $120 - $250 + Delivery fee

92506  $70 - $200 + Delivery fee

91752  $100 - $250 + Delivery fee



Q: Do you guys set up and tear down?


A: Tear downs and set ups are an additional cost and must be added to cart when creating your order. If setup/teardown is NOT on the order, our team will deliver the items appropriately, but will not set up things such as tables and chairs. To avoid additional charges, please ensure items are stacked up and placed the same way it was when it got delivered. 



Q: Do you deliver to venues? 


A: Yes, but please notify us if you're going to need to add a "specific time delivery" service to your order. This service is typically needed for venues of all kind. Please ensure before hand with your event space if this will be required before placing an order.  We typically deliver on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, early in the day, so this service is ideal for event spaces like a venue. If you are still unsure, call us at (951)-977-9159



Q: What exactly is your "specific time delivery" service?


A: It is a service that 100% guarentees that our team will deliver/pickup your order at the desired location.

Example: If you want us to deliever a inflatable bounce house exactly at 3PM, we will arrive shortly before 3PM to deliver your order. 



Q: What forms of payment do you accept? 


A: We accept card payments (both debit and credit), alongside payments made with Zelle, Venmo, and even Cash upon delivery!



Q: Do you guys require a security deposit?


A: Yes! Orders require a deposit of 50-100% depending on what your order contains. 



Q: What surfaces do you guys set up on?


A: We set up on a handful select of surfaces such as grass, artificial grass, pavement, asphalt, mosh, gravel, and flooring. (These surfaces are safe for bounce houses!) Please note that we do NOT  rent our luxury bounce houses on dirt surfaces and surfaces that contain dead grass.



Q: Are we responsible if an item(s) gets damaged in any shape or form?


A: To an extent, yes but also no. It depends. The typical wear and tear on our items are not your responsibility. Certain damages occur because of this said wear and tear, and when it happens, please notify us ASAP to avoid any additional fees. However, if damages occur because you failed to maintain the responsibility of taking care of our products,  you may be held accountable for all damages up to replacing the entire unit. That may seem intimidating, but at the end of the day Esparza Rentals wants to ensure that both you and us avoid being in such a situtation, so treat our items with care and remember to communicate with us if ANYTHING happens with our equipment or of any incidients involving our equipment.