☎️ Phone Support 


Call or text us, we have a live person on standby during business hours; if you catch us during outside of business hours, email us at '' or place an order on our website and we'll contact you in regards to your order, where you can express all of your comments and concerns!


🕒 Business Hours

Monday - Friday, 9:30am - 6pm 

Saturday - Sunday, 8:00am - 1pm


What is the minimum equipment rental?


- Minimum equipment rental is $50+ depending on distance. Here are some examples of the minimum equipment rental based on area codes:


  • 92505 $50 + Delivery fee
  • 92503  $50 - $75 + Delivery fee
  • 92504  $70 - $200 + Delivery fee
  • 92509  $70 - $150 + Delivery fee
  • 92507 $100 - $200 + Delivery fee
  • 92501  $120 - $250 + Delivery fee
  • 92506  $70 - $200 + Delivery fee
  • 91752  $100 - $250 + Delivery fee


How do I place an order online, via call, text or email? 


  • Go to products, select and checkout
    • Payment options - Cash or Credit Card on website
    • All order require atlest $50 deposit is required to confirm order depending on total of order, if cash option you can pay deposit
      • Zelle: 951-977-9159 under Esparza Rentals, LLC
      • Venmo: @EsparzaRentalsLLC


What happens after I place an order?


  • Once we receive your order, a live represenative will contact you. We will inquire via text, call or email, requesting if we can deliver order prior day.
    • For instance, if the order contains a canopy or bounce house,  we will ask questions like "Will it be set up in your front or back yard?.
    • We will also offer 'prior day delivery'  and next day pick up within a window


Which surfaces are safe for a bounce house?

  • Set up surfaces that are safe for bounce houses are surfaces that contain: Grass, Artificial grass, Pavement, Asphalt, Mosh, Gravel, Flooring.
  • Dirt surfaces are safe for bounce houses, although we DO NOT rent our luxury bounce houses on both dirt surfaces and surfaces that contain dead grass


Do you have any fees, and if so, what are they?


  • Every bounce house includes a tarp, but for our waterslides, we advice our clients to add an additional cover of their own on the sides of the bouncer in order to avoid the waterslide getting overly dirty. If the waterslide is left dirty, especially muddy, we unfortuntely have to give our client a cleaning fee. 


When and what are your delivery/pick up hours?


    • Delivery hours
      • Monday to Friday, 7am-4pm
      • Saturday, 7am-12noon
      • Sunday, 7am-12noon
    • Pick up hours
      • Monday to Friday, 7am-4pm
      • Saturday, 7am-4pm
      • Sunday, 7am-4pm
  • If canopy or bounce house are set up in the frontyard without a fence or open area, we will offer same day delviery and pick up within a window.  Delivery and pick up hours for same day pick ups.

  • FOR VENUES OR PRIVATE - For a specific delivery/pick up time, it is a $100 in addition to delivery fee


  • What is included in a bounce house rental?
    • Bounce House 
    • Motor to inflate
    • A tarp if set up is on dirt, pavement, gravel, dead grass or asphalt
    • Stakes if on dirt or natural grass
    • Sand bags, if on artificial grass, pavement, asphalt or any area where stakes cant be used.


  • What is optional, but can be added for $10 more? (bounce houses)
    • Set of 2 'themed banners' for standard bouncers or one big one for our module bouncers


  • What is included with Canopy Rental price?
    • The canopy frame & the tarp that goes on top.


  • - What is optional and can be added individually with your canopies?
    • Back walls - solid no walls 
    • Side walls - solid no walls - priced by size - pricing will be added
    • 50ft LED lights (Black) $10ea.